Friday, 23 November 2012

Liebster award

I am new to this but it made me really happy! Maria nominated me! so please check her out :)

Here are my 11 random facts about myself
1. I have a huge crush on batman
2. I have ombre hair
3. I listen to my ipod at LEAST 3 times a day
4. I find men who speak another language attractive.. (Bill Skarsgard)
5. I am very sarcastic
6. I have two jobs and I attend college 5 days a week
7. 7 is my favourite number
8. Currently questioning why its 11 facts about myself it is a bit of an odd number?
9. I have no self confidence
10. I love comedy films!
11. I am recovering from depression

Questions I was asked
1. What season tree are you?
Erm I was born in october so an autumn tree! Plus they have soo many pretty colours
2. Witch or fairy?
Witch, they just seem to have more fun!
3. How intuitive are you?
I would say I was quite intuitive
4. How scary are you?
erm.. I would hope no one would find me scary
5. What is your creative power?
I don't completely understand this question. However my creativity is with photography I can not draw or paint but I love taking photographs!
6. Favourite food?
My favourite food would have to be cheese!!
7. Are you wild or domesticated?
Deffinetly domesticated! My parents have brought me up well :)
8. In my opinion most celebrities are..
Most celebrities are just human beings that are lucky
9. Would you rather be a vampire, a half vampire, werewolf, human?
I would be a vampire for sure!!
10. Are you silver or gold?
I am not a fan of the colour gold so silver
11. How's your attitude?
I think I have a pretty good attitude however I am known to be quite negative.

Blogger won't let me link anyone to nominate so I will have to do that at a later date! thanks for reading :)

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