Friday, 23 November 2012

A photograph I recently took of my friend!

Not much to report other that I am stressed to the eyeballs! I have university on my mind constantly! I have my driving test bringing me down and the added pressure of having no one to really turn too. A song I am really loving at the moment is summer paradise by simple plan and sean paul! such an uplifting song. I am trying to be really healthy but temptation is a bitch! My mum made some mince pies and I couldn't resist mince pies make me feel all chritsmasy and feeling chrstmasy makes me happy, but mince pies makes me fat and is awful for dieting! I am also trying to drink loads of water but it is so tasteless and makes me feel ill if I have too much. I am extremely tired and I have an early start tomorrow so I am off for well deserved beauty sleep! night :)

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